'stay with me' is a zoo live cam roulette project that was imagined out of Canada's third round (April 2021)
of stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19.

in an intensely virtual and remote time, I felt incredibly apathetic and jaded, but when stumbling across wildlife and zoo live cams, I found a deep sense of comfort.
it was a reminder of being a part of something bigger than just an individual, that there was still parts of this beautiful ecosystem that carried on.

i included live cams from all around the world so you can come across sleeping polar bears in the USA, while the elephants in Australia are waking.
Keep this tab open when you're doing work or studying and you'll always have some company :-)

live cams from:
🌊 Monterey Bay Aquarium - Monterey, California 🌾 Kansas City Zoo - Kansas City, Missouri 🐘 Tembe Elephant Park - Emangusi, South Africa
🥭 Panama Fruit Feeder Cam/ Cornell Lab - El Valle de Antón, Panama🦜 Live Hummingbrid Cam - Studio City, California⭐Taronga Zoo - Sydney, Australia

special thanks to:
Justin Hu
Qianqian Ye
& my IML 400 classmates

stay with me

zoo live cam roulette

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